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Aims & objectives

Via the creation of regional hubs, we intend to support the formation of an inclusive global initiative that brings together local and regional researchers, civil society, non-governmental bodies, multilateral organisations and migrants themselves.

We aim to encourage the formation of regional priorities for migration and health research and translate these into community-based and regional-level actions, considering the local contexts and language.


Building on the regional approach recommended by the UCL- Lancet Commission on Migration and Health in 2018, and the need to engage in-depth with context-specific national and regional priorities in migration and health, the Latin America Regional Hub was created in Lima, Peru in March 2020.

Through the Lancet Migration Latin American Regional Hub, we aim to bring civil society, academics, and policymakers together across the region to engage at multiple levels to:

  1. raise the profile of migration and health;
  2. ensure regional engagement and operational/policy impact based on the recommendations of the UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and health, and
  3. to create a strong network to encourage high-quality migration health research in Latin America.


The Regional Hub identifies with the global objectives defined by the Lancet Migration: global collaboration to advance migration health, which is:

  1. To undertake and support high quality, multidisciplinary research to address the evidence gaps in the field of migration and health, and;
  2. To stimulate public engagement, advocacy, and policy-shaping activities to transform evidence into action.