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We aim to bring together local and regional researchers, civil society, non-governmental bodies, multilateral organisations, policy makers, and migrants across the region with the goal of engaging at multiple levels to:

  • Encourage the development of regional research projects
  • Link academia with policy and practice via the Lancet Migration network to translate evidence into action via policy and public engagement
  • Disseminate information and activities among stakeholders

The European Regional Hub is working to build a sustainable hub for research and policy action which links with the Lancet Migration global initiative learning from past or existing initiatives.


Building on the regional approach recommended by the UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health in 2018, and the need to engage in depth with context-specific national and regional priorities in migration and health, the European Regional Hub was launched in June 2021, co-hosted by the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies.

Since September 2020, the Hub has been under development. We began by conducting a mapping review of past and existing migration health-related initiatives over the past 10 years, to identify stakeholders and gaps surrounding migration health-related research, advocacy, education, and policies in the WHO European Region. It was found that many of these initiatives were not sustainable and were not fully inclusive to all member states in the region.

In January 2021, we then held an expert consultation meeting with 40+ experts across the region. Participants were asked to discuss knowledge gaps and how to address them, opportunities and added value that the Hub could bring to the region, and what deliverables they would like to see.

The results of these exercises underlined the importance of having an active and dedicated leadership for a sustainable future.


Our Hub is co-led by Professor Bernadette Nirmal Kumar (Co-Chair, Lancet Migration), and Professor Karl Blanchet (Director, Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies).

Our core activities are carried out by a Task Force of experts across the region. The Task Force is responsible for coordinating the Hub’s activities, communications, and advocacy. The members shall be representative of Europe’s diversity, and experienced in regional-level migration health research.

We also have an Advisory Board of senior experts within the region.

We are currently recruiting research fellows and volunteers to support our work.


The Lancet Migration European Regional Hub is supported by the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies.

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