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15th European Public Health Conference Pre-conference Summary: Health System Responses to Migration: From crisis mode to diversity-sensitive inclusive systems

Young Professionals of the Lancet Migration European Regional Hub: Mathura Kugan, Chrysanthi Tatsi, Karen Lau, Rosie James, Louise Biddle and Saleh Aljadeeah

5 December 2022

Lancet Migration European Regional Hub: Working together towards inclusive, evidence-based outcomes for promoting and protecting the health of migrants in the European Region: Comment

Rosemary James, Karl Blanchet, Bernadette Nirmal Kumar

The Lancet Regional Health Europe

29 October 2022

Time to reconcile migration and health in Europe: Correspondence

Karl Blanchet

The Lancet Regional Health Europe

12 September 2022

Meeting the health needs of displaced people fleeing Ukraine: Drawing on existing technical guidance and evidence: Viewpoint

The Lancet Regional Health Europe

06 May 2022

Health-care provision for displaced populations arriving from Ukraine: Comment

The Lancet Infectious Diseases

08 April 2022

LGBTQI + Migrants: A Systematic Review and Conceptual Framework of Health, Safety and Wellbeing during Migration

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

13 January 2022

A systematic review examining the health risks and consequences that LGBTQI+ migrants face during transit, and use and access to services. We describe daily discrimination and double marginalisation faced, and use a framework to analyse pathways to poor health. LGBTQI+ migrants have received minimal attention in migration discourse, and we highlight the need for greater recognition of the serious neglect and important concerns of these individuals, who need better support and acceptance to be able to advocate for themselves while in transit.

Statement on Recent Pushbacks at European borders

December 2021

Pushbacks at European borders put the health and lives of people in danger.

Pushbacks_Statement_ LM European Regional Hub

Climate, Migration and Health Research in the European Region: Policy Statement

Reducing the impact of the coronavirus on disadvantaged migrants and ethnic minorities: Journal Article

European Journal of Public Health

November 2021

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