Cover of the Lancet Migration Situational Brief on Skandinavia – EN

Situational Brief on Skandinavia – EN

Situational brief: Migration and Covid-19 in Skandinavian countries

COVID-19 took centre stage in Scandinavian countries in early 2020, requiring a rapid and adaptable response to the pandemic. Countries with available data show higher COVID-19 mortality and morbidity among migrants, resulting in an urgent need to discuss and understand how and why COVID-19 impacts migrants differently. Considering the similarities and the differences that exist among Scandinavian countries, this region offers a unique opportunity to increase our understanding of the impact of the pandemic upon migrant populations living here. This situational brief will be informative for an academic audience, relevant for policymakers, and inspiring for public health scientists. In this paper, the term ‘migrant’ applies to a person who has changed his or her country of origin, irrespective of the reason for migration or legal status.

Europe | Global
Publication date:
18 December 2020

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