European congress – spotlight on migration, climate and health

Experts come together for the 12th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, to discuss the health of migrants in the context of climate change.
The 12th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health is an opportunity to connect, share ideas and identify new ways to improve migrant health. The congress is in Bergen, Norway, on 28 September to 1 October and will be an online event with registration open to all.

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Track 1: Migration, climate and health, will explore how climate change is driving migration, and the impact this may have on health.

Please join, to attend the interactive panel discussion on Tuesday, 28th September from 11.00 to 11.50 CEST:

“Lancet Migration European Regional Hub: accelerating research for climate change-related migration health.”

Multidisciplinary exploration

Health is more than just the absence of disease. A broad approach to the climate, migration and health nexus is needed. The researchers come from various backgrounds and disciplines – including natural and social sciences, medicine, psychology, and law.

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Our panel moderator, Karl Blanchet, co-lead of the Lancet Migration European Regional Hub, Director, Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies and Professor at the University of Geneva, says: “Migration, climate and health is a growing field of research that is now becoming increasingly relevant. We have already found evidence gaps in the European region concerning this nexus. We must work together to rectify this, so that we can develop and sharpen the efforts for those who are most vulnerable to the health effects of climate change. I look forward to advancing the dialogue on this important area.”




Dr. Rita Issa, a panelist, says: “As a doctor, the pandemic has taught me how interlinked and precarious our health and life-support systems are, including the connection between migration, climate and health. Tackling these challenges requires a holistic view and systems approach.”





Another enthusiastic panelist is Ilan Kelman, Professor of Disasters and Health at University College London and Professor II at the University of Agder. He emphasizes the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation. “A blinkered view of one topic causes problems elsewhere. We cannot understand health or climate or migration without exploring the connections among them and well beyond. By working together, we ensure that we do the best we can for the people worst affected.”

The session “Lancet Migration European Regional Hub: accelerating research for climate change-related migration health” takes place on Tuesday 28th September at 11.00 CEST.

Read more about the session and the presenters here: Programme-ECTMIH2021-Session1.pdf  Register for the event ECTMIH2021 here.

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