Reem Mussa

Task-force member
Portrait of Reem Mussa
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Reem Mussa is a Humanitarian Advisor on Forced Migration at Medicines San Frontiers/ Doctors without Borders (MSF) focusing on the humanitarian impact of displacement, asylum and migration policies. Reem supports MSF operations in terms of humanitarian analysis and research, strategic thematic support and advocacy, specifically for operations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. She has also served as the Humanitarian Affairs and Advocacy Coordinator in MSF COVID-19 Emergency Taskforce based in Brussels.

Prior to working with MSF, Reem has lived and worked in Australia, Kenya and Sudan with various international organizations and universities on issues of displacement, public health and education in emergency. She has a degree in International Politics and Anthropology from the University of Melbourne, Australia and a Masters in Migration and Intercultural Studies from the University of Oldenburg, Germany